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Welcome to the Albert Dock Consultation Web Page

Forth Ports Limited welcome the opportunity to consult on their proposals for the installation of a protective barrier along the land south of Albert Dock at Stevedore Place, Leith.

The site is outlined in red on the plan below. 






Forth Ports want to ensure that you are informed of the plans and welcome the opportunity to hear your views as they continue to develop their thoughts before submitting applications for Listed Building Consent and Planning Permission. There is a link to the Public Presentation below, which sets out their proposals.

Public Presentation

Feedback Form


Your feedback should be entered on the Feedback Form, which you should download and complete before returning by email to If you are unable to email for any reason then please post the form to the address at the bottom of this page. Your Feedback Form should be returned no later than 12 April 2022.

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