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Welcome to the Consultation Web Page for the Beeslack Replacement High School and Veterinary Clinic (First Opinion Practice) and all associated development

Midlothian Council and the University of Edinburgh are delighted to consult on their proposals for a proposed high school, Severe and Complex Medical Needs stage accommodation and community facilities, swimming pool, veterinary clinic and associated works at Seafield Road, Bilston as shown with a red line boundary on the plan below.


We want to ensure that you are informed of the plans and welcome the opportunity to hear your views as preparations are made to submit a planning application.


We hosted a public exhibition at Beeslack Community High School in Penicuik on 18 April 2024 where we presented details of the proposals, answered questions and listened to comments made by the public. A second and final public exhibition event will be held on 15th May 2024. At the event we will set out how the feedback and comments received following the the first event have been considered.


Arrangements for the second public event are as follows:


Venue: The public exhibition will be held at Bilston Primary School, Park Avenue, Bilston, EH25 9SD

Date and time: 15 May 2024 between 4pm and 8pm

Feedback: Midlothian Council and the University of Edinburgh and their professional advisors will be at the event to answer questions and receive any feedback. A feedback form will also be available for people to provide their comments which will be taken into consideration.


The exhibition presentation boards for the second event can be downloaded by clicking the icon below:

The feedback form for the second event can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below:

All feedback should be submitted by 29 May 2024. All feedback received will be considered by the Applicant. A Pre-Application Consultation Report will accompany the planning application and it will record the feedback received and how it has been considered by the Applicant.

The exhibition presentation board form for the first event can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below:

If you have any further questions or are unable to access the exhibition presentation or feedback form, please contact us at, tel: 07841 487916, Holder Planning Ltd, 139 Comiston Road, Edinburgh EH10 5QN or use the contact details below. 

This public consultation forms part of the statutory pre-application consultation process and comments should not be made to the planning authority at this time. Any comments made in relation to the prospective application are not comments to the planning authority. If a planning application is submitted to Midlothian Council as planning authority, normal neighbour notification and publicity will be undertaken at that time and you will have the opportunity to make formal representations regarding the proposal.

The public exhibition and associated public engagement outlined above does not form part of the Beeslack Community High School relocation and catchment realignment consultation, which is subject to separate consultation procedures.

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