Welcome to the Eastoun, Bathgate Consultation Web Page

Taylor Wimpey are delighted to consult on their draft proposals for the development of new homes at Eastoun, in Bathgate, shown with a red line boundary on the plan below.














We want to ensure that you are informed of the plans and welcome the opportunity to hear your views as we continue to develop our thoughts before submitting an application for Planning Permission in Principle. There is a link to the Exhibition Boards further down this page.

In accordance with the latest Scottish Government guidance, we are undertaking public engagement via this web page.

Online Consultation Event Details

20th June 2022:        3pm - 7pm

During the times above we invite you to ask us questions regarding the proposals and we will provide answers as they are asked, where we can. Please enter your question in the chatbox (highlighted in orange on this screen). If we cannot answer your question immediately we will let you know and respond when we can. We don't know how busy the event will be, so please bear with us if you do experience a delay.

Below is a link to the Exhibition Boards, which explain the background and indicate broadly what is proposed at this stage.

Public Exhibition Presentation Boards



To keep things in order, we do ask that the chatbox is reserved for questions rather than feedback. Your feedback should be entered on the Feedback Form, which you should download and complete before returning by email to robin@holderplanning.co.uk. If you are unable to email for any reason then please post the form to the address at the bottom of this  page.

Feedback Form



Feedback forms should be returned no later than 18 July 2022, but please let us know if there is any reason why you might need an extension to this date.

If for some reason you are unable to email, then please post the Feedback Form to the address at the bottom of this webpage.

If you have any further questions after the consultation event, please contact us at the above email address or by phone or by post by 4 July 2022.


Eastoun PAN Boundary Plan.jpg